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Real Plus has been adopting modern nursing concept to care women eyelashes, becoming “Modern Care Brand” eyelashes of love-beauty women is what the product persists all the time. Whatever how much growth defect on your eyelashes or how fragile they are, REAL PLUS will care them for healthy growth at any millimeter so that increase your beauty and happiness. Real Plus eyelash growth serum is made from walnut oil, parsley, ginger, mustard, Radix DNA extract, horse chestnut extract, pseudo-ginseng extract, licorice extract, all of them are herbal ingredients, which will never leave any sensitivity, stimulation, or shadow of melanin. The active molecule from North coast of Bretagne can be a natural protective coating so that to avoid ultraviolet ray and the crisis of breaking and falling caused by mascara. Eyelashes are significant sensory area of female, and magnifying glass of inner world, so lashes should gain delicate care. Real Beauty promise that Real+ eyelash enhancer that will grow up with you, meantime, constant improvement of quality and charm increase of brand will be kept going in order to show yourself more confident and winsome.


Features of Real Plus eyelash extension liquid:

Boost normal growth of eyelashes, perfect hypoplasia symptom of hair follicle, making eyelashes thicker, longer, and effectively preventing bacterial infection. When continuously using reaches about 20days, eyelashes have become dense and long; if go on applying, the eyelashes will be much longer thicker and curler. And the new grown eyelashes will never fall or change length along with the metabolism.
Real+ eyelash growth liquid is absolutely safe and effective, no any side effect! If it inadvertently gets into eyes, no harm, but please immediately wash with clean water.


Applicable group:

REAL Plus eyelash growth serum can be used for the people with sparse eyelashes, short eyelashes, or eyelashes loss for the one who is postpartum or after illness.



1. Thoroughly clean the face first, and directly apply the real plus eyelash enhancer to the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of the eyelashes using the accompanying applicators. Blot any excess solution beyond the eyelid margin.
2. The dosage is twice a day, but refuse to overuse. Kindly suggest you use it with the way of frequent and small amount. And should avoid liquid dripping into eyes, if it enters, just wash with water at once.
3. Please remember to tightly turn off the cap after using so that avoid to reducing the result of RealPlus lash enhancer.

Pure natural
Pure natural