anti hair loss/ hair growth / anti dandruff and antipruritic/ deep cleaning / / oil control / / nourish supple hair.

World studies have shown that camellia seed oil contains up to 90% or more of unsaturated fatty acids and is rich   in vitamin E, camellin, theasaponin, protein and other natural nutrient elements. Camellia seeds oil used for shampoo essence can promote the regeneration of scalp cells, prevent the loss of water and nourish the cortex cells in order to achieve anti hair loss//hair growth / anti dandruff and antipruritic / deep cleaning / / oil control / / nourish supple hair and so on. Real Plus Shampoo Essence uses the hundreds of years’ local plateau camellia seeds oil extraction, blending with natural extracts of high altitude growth plants, and pure high altitude spring water as the main formula, which makes the effect and using experience better! And it is even safe for babies use.

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